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We now offer online ordering as well as in store by appointment service. For those of you looking to have that personal service, we can set up an appointment to meet so you know whom you're ordering from and can actually see and feel what your invitation will look like. All shipments come to us first for all in store orders for a quality review (unless customer has requested a drop shipment). If it doesn't meet are strict quality standards it goes back to the manufacturer. We guarantee satisfaction.

At your first appointment we will listen to what you are looking for and start with the designs that would most likely fit your tastes and needs. Listening is important, this way you don't have to look through invitation books that aren't your style. We know our products thoroughly and can quickly point you in the right direction. As you review the albums we can talk about what you like and don't like and assist you in finding the perfect invitation for YOU.

To place an order, please call us. It is best if we speak to you either over the phone or in person if you reside in the Philadelphia areas. In addition to our in store services, we now offer online ordering for select companies. All orders will be handled separately from those of our in store location.

For those of you who would like to order online and at the convenience of your schedule, you can place an order directly through the eInvite website link. All orders will be processed directly through eInvite and all customer service for those orders will be handled by contacting eInvite directly at 1-888-852-8483. All prices are as shown on the eInvite website link. NO DISCOUNTS APPLY.

Wedding and Bar/Bat Mitzvah Invitations: You want to send your invitations out 8 to 10 weeks in advance of your wedding date. You want to give enough time for proofing, printing and addressing. Typically it takes between 2 - 3 weeks for printing and delivery. But, we pride ourselves on our fast turn-around and can do them quicker if necessary. We recommend ordering your wedding invitations 4 to 5 months in advance of your wedding. You should order your correct quantity plus 25 extra for last minute additions (re-orders take time and are very costly).

Payment is accepted as Cash and Checks for all orders done directly through the store. Credit Cards are accepted for all orders processed on the eInvite link only.

If interested in a personalized consultation, please call today. Hours available Monday to Sunday by appointment only.


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